Original International Tattoo Artist Association Collectables

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The second modern tattoo convention in the US was held in Reno in 1977. This event was promoted by the International Tattoo Artist Association (ITAA). The ITAA was group of tattooists from around the globe that banded together for a short period of time. Terry Wrigley was often listed as its founding member. They held conventions as well as published a very informative newsletter entitled Tat Chat. Seen here is an ITAA business card holder from the 77 convention and an original flyer which outlined contests and other activities. This was  printed on Mike Lecuyer’s letterhead. Mike was was ITAA member participating in this convention. 

Card Holder, 24 pages that will hold more than 50 business cards, 9½ x 4 inches
Convention Flyer, 4 pages, 8½ x 11 inches